Cat Grass Seeds.

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an’hu; lets learn how about the cat grass and how to grow it indoors.

Cat grass  is something cats LOVE. This is a special treat for them, It keeps them entertained and happy. During your cat’s daily personal cleaning sessions, it constantly swallows hair. It is important that your pet gets rid of this hair as soon as possible, otherwise hairballs can form in its intestines and this can have unpleasant consequences for your cat. Cat grass causes cats to regurgitate naturally . Cereal grain leaves are not as sharp as real grass, so they won’t hurt your cat’s throat. cut a little grass off each day and give it to your cat.

How to grow it

what you need

  • a small pot to grow in
  • Soil
  • cat grass seeds
  • plastic wrap
  • water
  1. prepare a clean pot that is not leakingHave moist soil, red sandy soil is the best, but if you don’t have it, then, use any as long as it is organic not rocky, and don’t put in fertilizer.

2. Introduce the soil in the pot. 2/3 inch half way full the pot.

3. Scatter the seed with one thin, even layer.

4. Add a couple of handful of soil over the top so the seeds are covered with about 1/4 inch of soil.

5. the soil has to be moist, right? so 1/2 cup of water in the soil.

6. Cover the pot results with a plastic bag with air flow, (pierce small holes in the [plastic bag)

7.Then place it in a warm room bright place, though not direct sunlight

6. within a few days you should see little sprouts coming up from the soil. Check that the soil is still moist every other day or so.

when the grass is 4-5 cm in length then it is ready to eat. you want to keep the soil moist at all time inorder for the grass to grow back, keep the grown grass crispy and to last longer.

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