Holy Meow! What type of a purrent are you?

Question A) Your cat is BEGGING to go outside, even though you live on a busy road, and there’s a pack of coyotes with tattoos that live just beyond your yard, and there’s a gang of feral tom cats that terrorize the neighborhood by demanding milk-money from small children. You:

  1. Take your cat out onto the patio with you and make her sit in your lap so that you can give her hugs and kisses while she tries to scramble out of your arms.
  2. Let your cat outside – it’s her fault if she gets hurt or in trouble and maybe she’ll learn her lesson.
  3. Completely ignore her pleas to go outside unless it’s to yell at her when she keeps meowing because she’s got to learn SHE’S NOT GOING OUTSIDE!!!

Having an understanding of the type of cat parent you are (or what you’d like to become) is an important factor in the well-being of your kitty. Want to take a short quiz to find out what kind of cat parent you are? You sure do! Here are a few scenarios; what would you do?  

Question B) Your two cats aren’t really getting along very well, and never have.  One cat wants to chase and fight the other cat, who just wants to be left alone and often hides. You:

  1. Keep the cats separated in the home.  These two kitties will just never get along, but they will get plenty of love from you, no matter how inconvenient it is to try to keep the cats separated from each other!
  2. Let the cats work it out on their own – if your shy cat ends up permanently under the bed, that’s her problem; she’ll learn that she has to suck it up and stop letting the other cat bully her around eventually.
  3. Put the cats together in a room and shut the door.  When fighting ensues, you enter the room and tell those cats they’re going to learn to get along or suffer the consequences…no more catnip toys for a week!

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