RevoReef® INFINITY is designed to provide the best optimum environment required in reef and marine fish-keeping.

Featuring an open concept tank design, RevoReef® INFINITY combines premium materials crafted with fine workmanship, an exceptional filtration system and a marine-spec’ed hybrid lighting (LED + T5) into an all-in-one marine reef system.

At the core of RevoReef® INFINITY lies with its revolutionary Hydro-Pure Technology, a Qian Hu patented water purification technology which makes it easier for you to bring the fascinating marine reef world right before your beautiful living space by maintaining a clean, safe pristine water quality for all live rocks, corals, soft corals and marine fishes.

This revolutionary advancement in filtration and purification technology is an incredibly big step forward for Marine hobbyists to create the best possible reef environment with minimal hassle, allowing them to spend more time enjoying this fun-filled hobby.

So sit back, relax and experience an unfathomable joy of marine reef-keeping with RevoReef® INFINITY.


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