UV-C water clarifiers for fresh, marine and pond water

The sera UV-C Systems are universally usable and very powerful. They are suitable for use with ponds or aquariums.

Internally, these systems irradiate water flowing by with UV-C radiation for a short time. The units are equipped with a UV-C emitting lamp which is protected by a high quality quartz glass sleeve around which the irradiated water flows. The water gets in through a connector and gets out through another one at the opposite side. The multi-diameter adapters allow connecting various hose diameters. Replacing the particularly effective PL-UV-C lamp is easy. The end pieces with hose connectors are rotatable and allow keeping connected hoses as short as possible.

The systems are available in different sizes for every requirement. They are connected to a suitably powerful pump by a hose. The UV-C Systems are equipped with particularly energy saving lamps and gently working electronic ballasts.

The UV-C Systems 24 W and 55 W are supplied with a 10 m (11 yd.) cable.

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